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The Naughty chat room welcomes you! The dungeon of dungeons… A safe place to unleash your secret desires, under the safety of ANONYMITY… Enter, if you dare!!

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Chat Room Rules

Respect all chatters in the main chat room and private chats. If you are female you will get a nice little plus next to your nickname so that we all know. No personal info or private chats allowed in main. Adults only. ROAR. Multiple complaints will result in a ban. No politics or religion! If you have any complaints please join the #naughty-ops chat room by typing /join #naughty-ops

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Did You Know?

If your nickname is for eg. Brett, typing "/me is happy to be here" will display as "Brett is happy to be here"

Words of Wisdom:

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward. -Vernon Law