HELP! I can’t connect!

Apr 23, 2016 | Support

There are several possibilities why you are unable to connect:

  • Are you seeing “Error Connecting (socket hang up)” – we know about this bug. Refresh the page, or try again in 5 minutes.
  • When you leave a chat room, and the confirmation window appears, you clicked the “do not warn me again” checkbox. The confirmation is crucial to disconnect you from the chat room you’re leaving, and free up your nickname for entering the next chat room.
  • You might be behind a work/corporate/university firewall and cannot connect to IRC servers outside.
  • Some IRC servers deny connection from some ISP domains (due to abuse or flooding coming from that domain). For example, some IRC servers do not allow AOL users to connect.
  • You might be using a very old browser. We suggest IE10+, Firefox 30+, Chrome 30+. To view what version you’re using, go to the top menu of your browser, and choose “Help” and then “About…”, or click here to download the latest versions: