Growing Up

Jun 12, 2012 | News

The Chat27 website design has stood the test of time (maybe, you tell me!), and it seems to still be functioning as it was intended 6 years earlier. I do however think it’s good to keep up with standard screen sizes, and rather design for the immediate future than for the status quo, especially when it comes to a website like Chat27 where people would prefer the chat room fills as much of the screen as possible. In that spirit, the chat room screen sizes have been increased by 30%! Chat pages are now higher and wider.

I’ve also decided to not add any more chat rooms with adult themes and/or names. It’s not what Chat27 is about, and frankly the reputation it’s getting is frustrating me somewhat. The current chat rooms will stay – they deserve to – but no new ones will be added. People are invited to create something original… c’mon! lol

As for the website redesign: That’s been put one the back burner somewhat. Technologies and options are changing so fast, that I’m just not sure if a new design will actually IMPROVE anything, and the fact that I can’t decide on a new “look” isn’t helping either! So for now, and until necessity or an epiphany dictates otherwise, the design will stay as is. Ideas are welcome!