Chat27 Needs Your Help

Sep 19, 2023 | News


Dearest chatter.


Whether you’ve used Chat27 for many years, or just found out about its existence recently, I want to thank you for clicking on the link that brought you here. Hopefully I won’t take up too much of your time.


First of all: Don’t worry. Chat27 isn’t going anywhere!



But I do need your help…


As you might know, Chat27 is run by one solitary* individual (with ample help from another person to make sure the chat software is kept running). A while back, the decision was made not to pursue an advertising partner, after Google deemed Chat27 to be an adult chat site, and stopped serving ads. That was a substantial loss of income, but I decided to take Chat27 back to its roots, and not serve advertising anymore.

That was in 2019, and so much has changed since then, as you might have noticed around the world, and in your own life. A series of financial setbacks on my side through the years has meant that resources have dwindled significantly to pay for the server, hosting, internet and hardware costs associated with keeping Chat27 running.

That brings me to today, where it’s time to be honest with you, and tell you that Chat27 needs your support if it’s going to survive. Chat27 will always be free – you won’t need to register or pay for anything. Unlike many other free websites, your personal information isn’t captured, manipulated, sold or utilised in order to make a project financially viable (and even those kinds of companies are turning to other ways to monetise their websites). The idea behind Chat27 never was, and never will be, to make me rich. It is however time that I, at the very least, try to break even and recoup the expenses I incur. That way you can remain easily connected to your favourite chat room, and I can keep the lights on.

That’s where you come in…


What can you do? 3 things, in fact…


1. Looking to date?

If you’re single, you could consider signing up to one of the  South African dating and Gay South African dating websites I’ve launched. No money will be made until you actually upgrade your membership, but I’ve been thinking about ways to expand Chat27’s offerings anyway. Full transparency: I’ve partnered with WLD on this one. It would be pointless to try and start a database from scratch, so I’ve joined forces with an established international entity in the dating market.


2. Support me on Ko-Fi

So you’re not looking to date, but you’d still would like to make a contribution to Chat27’s survival? Then please feel free to give me a tip on Ko-Fi. Every single cent goes directly towards Chat27’s hosting and maintenance costs. Click here to visit our Ko-Fi page.


3. Use some of these services:

Lastly, you might find one of the below products or services useful. Supporting any of the below services will earn me a small commission.


That’s it!


Hopefully all of the above will add up to something that will partly or fully cover Chat27’s running costs. 

If you have any ideas, other than the ones I’m implementing, feel free to send me a shout-out on my personal website. I’d love to hear from you. 

Thank you for reading this! Chat27 has been around for 17 years… with your help, there will be many more!

Happy chatting!




* Note how I didn’t say “single” 😛

** My time has always been something I gave freely, and gladly.



Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash