Adding your Chat Room

Apr 15, 2020 | Support

We are prepared to add any room where a convincing case is made, provided you comply with criteria and guidelines below. HOWEVER: Chat27 should not be seen as a way to make a chat room popular. It will be up to YOU to grow your chatter base and maintain your chat room.

The simplest way to make sure your (existing) IRC chat room is listed on Chat27 is to have a chat room on a South African network already listed on Chat27Atrum and ZAIRC being preferred as the required software is already installed and configured on their servers.

If you’re adding a chat room on a network NOT listed already, some crucial setup needs to be done first – add your server network to KiwiIRC and then contact us.



A general guideline to chat rooms that want to be added:

  • Room name has to be unique (not similar to a room listed on chat27 already – two rooms with the same name will just confuse chatters)
  • At least 15+ chatters in the room at any time between 09:00 – 21:00. Rooms with less chatters don’t seem to have the “critical mass” to get new visitors to stay. Anything less, and people join and part within seconds, never giving the chat room the opportunity to grow. Put in the legwork within the IRC community to grow your chat room, and when you have enough regulars you’re welcome to send us your submission.
  • It has to be an active room with at least a few people chatting in it, otherwise, what’s the point?
  • A link to from your website, facebook page, blog or wordpress website. This is to establish that the website given is associated with the chat room – we’ve had problems in the past with chat rooms giving a website as their own and then receiving a threatening letter to the contrary from the actual website owner. It also helps us for SEO. It’s more work than you think for us to create your page on Chat27, so please at least add a link to us from your site. This can be a normal text link, or you’re welcome to click here to download some nice graphics (coming soon).
  • Chat Rooms that use auto-join functionality will not be added, ie when you join a chat room it automatically ads you to other chat rooms as well. If people wanted to join the other chat rooms, they would have done so in the first place.
  • If your user volume dips drastically for an extended period (2-3 weeks) the room may be removed from the list without notification.
  • No chat room where you have to “register a nickname to enter” will be added
  • We probably won’t be adding any more adult-themed chat rooms – Chat27 has enough of those.

As this is a free website maintained by one (very busy) person, please allow 7 – 28 days before chat rooms are added to ensure a cooling off period. Quite often room additions are requested, and then cancelled after all the work has been done. Inclusion is not guaranteed.

So your chat room complies with the above?

The please fill in and submit your details below: