Goodbye Chat27


It is with significant sadness that I must inform you that Chat27 is shutting down on 1 June 2024 (or sooner, depending on when the web host decides to cut us off, as I can no longer afford to pay them).

After almost 20 years of serving the South African IRC community, it has become abundantly clear that the community won’t support Chat27 when it’s most needed. Let this serve as a lesson: right here and right now is the only time you can ever make a difference. Unfortunately, that time has passed for Chat27.

It has come to the point where I must choose between feeding mouths and maintaining Chat27.

I’m not open to sponsorship or someone buying the platform. Chat27 is going the way of the dinosaurs.


Your favourite chat rooms aren’t going anywhere; you’ll just have to connect through other means than Chat27. Please ask your chat room owner or moderator to help you in this regard.

For die-hard chatters, I suggest these IRC options to connect to your favorite chat rooms:

Basic settings for IRC clients: 

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667 (or SSL 7000)
  • Type /list once you’ve connected

Please don’t think for a second that I came to this decision lightly. I am doing this because all other options and resources have been exhausted.

This is goodbye.